New Sub-Bases available for the ITT Gould’s XHD Slurry Pump

As most of us are aware, the upfront purchase price of a pump is only about 10% of the life-cycle cost. Installation is typically around 15%, or more, of the life-cycle cost. As slurry pumps do not1 adhere to a dimensional specification (such as ANSI B73.1 that allows our ANSI pumps to dimensionally interchange with any manufacturer’s ANSI pumps), slurry pumps often require significant foundation and piping re-work to change from one manufacturer’s pump to another’s. This re-work cost for slurry pumps is often a major impediment to getting a customer to switch from the existing manufacturer.

This issue was one of the key items revealed during extensive “Voice-of-Customer” research done during the XHD’s development. To minimize this factor, a compact pedestal became one of the great features designed into the XHD. Its purpose is to allow easy retrofit of the XHD to an existing slurry pump installation, whether it’s ours or a competitor’s.

The compact pedestal allows for use of an adapter base so that the suction piping centerline can be matched and no foundation or bedplate re-work is required. This greatly reduces the time and cost to retrofit an XHD into an existing installation. By using the adapter base, the XHD pump’s footprint matches the previous pump’s footprint exactly. No foundation work is necessary – only piping.


In order to assist sales we have developed adapter bases for our models SRL-C and 5500, along with adapter bases for the most popular size/frame combinations of Weir’s model AH (Warman) pump.

We have now developed dimensional drawings that can be provided in order to show all the key dimensions for retrofit of these models to the XHD.

Retrofit adaptability is one more great feature of our next generation slurry pump that surpasses the competition.  The XHD is also now available fitted with the ITT Gould’s i-ALERT® as standard and i-ALERT®2 as an option

For further information, please contact the CAC Industrial Equipment Ltd. sales team.