New Size for Pump Models SRL and VRS

The SRL and VRS are excellent slurry pumps with many great features including:

  • Heavy duty bearing frame and shaft
  • Wet end interchangeability between horizontal (SRL) and vertical (VRS) orientations for ease of maintenance and reduced inventory
  • Large diameter impellers for lower operating speeds




With sizes from a 2×2-10 to 6×6-15 the SRL and VRS cover most applications. However, there has been a increased number of applications at lower flows where the 2×2-10 is either too large or required to run at a reduced flow, which reduces life.

Due to this we are pleased to announce the launch of a new size:



SRL 1.5×1.5-8 & VRS 1.5×1.5-8

The 1.5×1.5-8 does differ from the current model pumps as it does not have replaceable liners. Due to the small size, the liners are integral with the casing. The casing halves are rubber coated, which allows for fewer parts and lower capital costs.

The 1.5” pump has a Best Efficiency Point (BEP) approximately 30% lower than the 2×2-10 allowing for the optimal selection.