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Grindex - Industrial Dewatering Solutions


A world leader in submersible pumps, Grindex is the name known around the industrial world as the go to submersible dewatering pumps. Based in Sweden, Grindex pumps can reach flows up to 2500 GPM and heads up to 800 feet! Grindex has products for sludge, slurry, and corrosive environments.


Cornell pumps with their Redi Prime Vacuum assisted priming system with run dry seal, can provide standard centrifugal performance with the self priming benefits! With Cornell dewatering systems flows up to 40,000 GPM are available with up to 10” solid handling and TDH’s of 900 feet!

Cornell - Industrial Dewatering Solutions
Sandpiper - Industrial Dewatering Solutions


Sandpiper Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps are the go-to for applications where on-site air is available and electrical pumps are not an option. Sandpiper produces pumps to handle solids in all different kinds of hazardous environments! Constructed using an array of elastomers and materials to provide extensive chemical compatibility for all situations. Available in both Flap and Ball valves, Sandpiper models can produce flows of 300 GPM and TDH of 289 feet!

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