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Goulds A-C Pumps ProCast ProServices SLURRY PUMPS SRL – Designed for Abrasive and Corrosive Slurry Services The Goulds Model SRL is the original rubber-lined slurry pump.  It is the result of nearly a century of proven experience in the design, manufacture and field operation of slurry pumps.  The SRL is built to stand up to […]

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Customized Valve Solutions for the Toughest of Applications Built and engineered to withstand the harshest of operating conditions and service environments, our customers are asking for the Elite Slurry Valve by name. Applications include: Mine De-Watering Reclaim Water Light Slurry Applications Heavy Slurry Applications Tailings Valves Cyclone Feed Valves Process Valves POPULAR MODELS E5200 PERIMETER



Specializing in high-head dewatering, solid-handling, and slurry pumps, Cornell has delivered dependable, reliable, and efficient pumps for decades. Our dry-priming pumps coupled with our impressive head of up to 800 feet make our pumps ideal suited to dewater the toughest mining applications. Mine De-Watering Water Supply Light Slurry Applications POPULAR MODELS CORNELL N-SERIES SOLIDS HANDLING


Seepex Pumps


SEEPEX PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMPS SEEPEX develops and produces progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems. We offer a variety of market-specific product groups with high-performance ranges that provide customers with tailor-made pumps. We emphasize competent consulting, planning, and project management to solve every complex handling case. Mine Dewatering Chemical Feed / Metering Slurry Transfer POPULAR

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Abel Pumps


ABEL POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS ABEL develops and manufactures reciprocating positive displacement pumps for varying flow rates and pump pressures and specializes in diaphragm pumps. Depending on the design, they are suitable for abrasive, aggressive, and even shear-sensitive media. We are recognized around the world as the technological leaders in mechanical diaphragm pumps. Solids handling pumps


John Crane Mechanical Seal

John Crane

JOHN CRANE MECHANICAL SEALS & PACKING Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Mechanical Seals Process Pump Mechanical Seals Chemical Pump Mechanical Seals Mechanical Packing POPULAR MODELS JOHN CRANE TYPE 5840 COST-EFFECTIVE CARTRIDGE SLURRY SEAL The John Crane Type 5840 single-cartridge seal encompasses many of the advantages associated with heavy-duty seal design, encased in a cost-effective package. Designed

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Xylem Accessories

A-C Series Other Pumps Accessories BELL & GOSSETT PUMPS AND CIRCULATORS Bell & Gossett’s complete line of in-line, base-mounted centrifugal and submersible pumps and circulators can handle virtually any HVAC or Wastewater requirement. The pumps are engineered for exceptional performance and rugged durability. They are designed for easy maintenance and to be highly energy efficient.

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Sandpiper – Pumper Parts

Pumps Pumper Parts BROCHURES Pumper Parts Brochure  Replacement Parts & Kits that fit ARO  Replacement Parts & Kits that fit WILDEN  Replacement Parts & Kits that fit Yamada  SANDPIPER PUMPER PARTS   Headquartered in Mansfield, Ohio, Pumper Parts is a global supplier of quality replacement parts that fit Wilden®, ARO®, and Yamada® air-operated double diaphragm

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Metso – Old Brands

Vertical Tank Recessed Pumps Horizontal Slurry Pumps Metso Slurry Hose System Metso Old Brands VERTICAL SUMP PUMPS Type VASA G The VASA G line of sump pumps is designed specifically for abrasive slurries and features a robust design with ease of maintenance in mind. AVAILABLE WET END MATERIALS HIGH CHROME – Alloyed cast iron with very

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ITT Industries – ProServices

Goulds A-C Pumps ProCast ProServices BROCHURES AND VIDEOS Click Here to watch a Video on How Pumpsmart Works  Click Here to learn more about i-ALERT2 Equipment Health Monitor  Click Here to read the i-ALERT2 Brochure  Click Here to read the i-ALERT2 Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual  Building on over 160 years of Goulds Pumps experience,

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